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Fragile Dreams Cosplay:

Seto: Kikikabuki (Shes amazing.)

Crow: Tophatting (Whos Amazing)

Photographer:Me&My friend.


These people are amazing I love them and I love this game…… They made me so happy. They reminded me of the days I stayed up till three or four in the morning with my friend. I was so happy that my hands were shaking so bad, that I made the picture blurry. Yeah so my friend took it for me.

So after the first picture I went on tumblr and found out Kiki made a PF frame and we had to go track her down and get another picture because PF is awesome and Crow looks adorable in the back ground. I love these people. 

So Final thoughts these two were awesome and Im glad they came they made my day. 

Man I sound way to happy…. I hope that I see Kiki at banzai cause I always look forward to her cosplays!